La semaine dernière, les élèves de 1ère Euro sont allés visiter la JVMA. Ils ont beaucoup apprécié de découvrir ce site à la pointe des nouvelles technologies qui a changé leur regard sur l’industrie. Nous vous invitons à découvrir leur article en anglais !


On Wednesday 21st February, the Euro English section visited a factory-school, called JVMA (Jules Verne Manufacturing Academy). It is located next to the airport in Nantes.

  • Our first impressions :

We found the visit really interesting since we discovered an industrial place. We learned more about robotic, cobotic and manufacturing also. We talked about the history of the industry revolution with an interactive quiz. The headmaster (Cyril Kouzoubachian) taught us the difference between 3.0 and 4.0 etc…

Before the visit, we imagined a dark, dirty and big place, but in reality it was a clean and bright place. We also expected that it could be noisy with a lot of people around the different machines.

We didn’t expect that it was an association that showed how to build a scooter with some very expensive composites, and manufacturing machines.

The visit was organized in 3 parts :

1°) Guided visit : 

The president of the association explained to us the goal of this place. Students, from university, BUT, engineering schools or Central Nantes were learning how to use some machines and were trying to develop durable materials and components so as to create a scooter. For example, they were replacing some carbon fibers with flax fibers. We learned more about the usefulness of each machine and also about saving energy and recycling materials and air, and how they are reducing their impact on the environment.

2°) Augmented reality :

Augmented reality was our favorite activity, because we had never tried it in this way to program a machine. During this activity we learned how to use this mask of augmented reality and then how to use it to program a cobot and test its security. To give you an example of what we could do with the augmented masks, we could reduce or enlarge some flowers only with our fingers. We could see these flowers just with these masks.

3°) Escape game :

We also did an escape game on a tablet. It was really fun and allowed us to know more about industry and machines’ aims. We also discovered how it is organized and the steps of fabrication of a scooter. There was even a little prize for the speedest ones. Our favorite moment remains when we followed a robot to find a code.

The 1ere DNL math class